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Open Season

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Open Season (6.00)
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Actors (Details) 1 2 3
Martin Lawrence (Boog (voice))
Ashton Kutcher (Elliot (voice))
Gary Sinise (Shaw (voice))
Debra Messing (Beth (voice))
Billy Connolly (McSquizzy (voice))
Georgia Engel (Bobbie (voice))
Jon Favreau (Reilly (voice))
Jane Krakowski (Giselle (voice), ...)
Gordon Tootoosis (Gordy (voice))
Patrick Warburton (Ian (voice))
Cody Cameron (Mr. Weenie (voice), ...)
Nika Futterman (Rosie (voice))
Danny Mann (Serge (voice))
Jack McGee (Hunter (voice))
Michelle Murdocca (Maria (voice))
Fergal Reilly (O'Toole (voice))
Joel McHale (Elliot (Stimme), ...)
Mike Epps (Boog (Stimme), ...)
Ciara Bravo (Gesalita)
Charlie Bright (Elliot and Giselle's Son)
Karley Scott Collins (Gisela)
Crispin Glover (Fifi)
Sean Mullen (Roger)
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