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The Dentist

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Known Parts:
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The Dentist 2 (8.50)
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Actors (Details) 1 2
Corbin Bernsen (Dr. Alan Feinstone, ...)
Linda Hoffman (Brooke Feinstone, ...)
Michael Stadvec (Matt)
Ken Foree (Detective Gibbs)
Tony Noakes (Detective Sunshine)
Molly Hagan (Jessica)
Jillian McWhirter (Jamie Devers)
Jeff Doucette (Jeremy Wilkes)
Susanne Wright (Bev Trotter)
Jim Antonio (Doc Burns)
Lee Dawson (Robbie Mauro)
Wendy Robie (Bernice)
Ralph Martin (Det. Jenkins)
Clint Howard (Mr. Toothache)
Judy Nazemetz (Margaret)
Audra Wise (Shawna)
Mary Coleston (Glenda)
Rende Rae Norman (Dr. Cussler)
Gina-Raye Carter (Sidewalk cafe owner)
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