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950 Minutes
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Fred Gwynne (Herman Munster)
Al Lewis (Grandpa)
Yvonne De Carlo (Lily Munster)
Butch Patrick (Eddie Wolfgang Munster)
Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster)
Beverley Owen (Marilyn Munster)
Bob Hastings (The Raven)
Mel Blanc (The Raven)
Chet Stratton (Clyde Thornton)
Edward Mallory (Jack)
Harvey Korman (Dr. Leinbach)
Paul Lynde (Dr. Dudley)
Pat McCaffrie (Policeman)
Jane Withers (Fanny Pike)
Val Avery (Marty)
Willis Bouchey (Mr. Bradley)
Irwin Charone (Lester)
John Hoyt (Barney Walters)
Henry Beckman ('Leadfoot' Baylor)
Gene Blakely (Big Leo)
Marge Redmond (Miss Hazlett)
Johnny Silver (Blinky)
Pat Harrington Jr. (Sonny Harkness)
Frank Maxwell (Coach Roger Denman)
Bryan O'Byrne (Calvin)
Richard Reeves (Gil Craig)
Joyce Jameson (Lou)
Jackie Minty (Jack McGinty)
Alma Murphy (Susan)
Bill Quinn (Attendant)
Walter Woolf King (George Washington)
Dennis Cross (Policeman)
Helen Kleeb (The 1st Woman)
Bella Bruck (Momma)
Henry Hunter (The Mayor)
Ronnie Dapo (Roger)
J. Edward McKinley (Mayor Handley)
Frank Gardner (Ralph)
Bob Harvey (The Customer)
Elsie Baker (Grandma Farber)
John Fiedler (Mailman)
John Carradine (Mr. Gateman)
Claire Carleton (Yolanda Cribbins)
Gary Owens (Dick Willet)
Ray Montgomery (Father)
Michael Ross (The Campus Policeman)
Vito Scotti (Man on Radio)
(* actors participating in 2 parts minimum)
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