The Five Obstructions

De Fem benspænd

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Movie Facts

Released on the 2003-11-07
90 Minutes
Languages (original):
Danish, English, French, Spanish
Production Companies:
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  • Claus Nissen

    as The Perfect Man - from 'Det perfekte menneske' 1967

  • Lars von Trier

    as Himself - Obstructor / Lars von Trier

  • Majken Algren Nielsen

    as The Perfect Woman, from 'Det perfekte menneske' 1967)

  • Jørgen Leth

    as Speaker / Himself - Director / Speaker / The Perfect Man / Speaker / Speaker / Jørgen Leth / The Perfect Human / Speaker
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About a filmmaker not only revisiting, but also recreating (not in a conventional sense) one of his first films, The Perfect Human / Det perfekte menneske (1967)

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