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Tremors (7.33)
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Actors (Details) 1 2 3 4
Kevin Bacon (Valentine McKee)
Fred Ward (Earl Bassett)
Finn Carter (Rhonda LeBeck)
Reba McEntire (Heather Gummer)
Michael Gross (Burt Gummer, ...)
Christopher Gartin (Grady Hoover)
Helen Shaver (Kate 'White' Reilly)
Marcelo Tubert (Senor Ortega)
Marco Hernandez (Julio)
José Ramón Rosario (Pedro)
Thomas Rosales Jr. (Oil Worker)
S.S. Wilson (Kriegsberichtserstatter)
Shawn Christian (Desert Jack Sawyer)
Susan Chuang (Jodi Chang)
Charlotte Stewart (Nancy Sterngood)
Sara Botsford (Christine Lord)
Billy Drago (Black Hand Kelly)
Brent Roam (Juan Pedilla)
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