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The Gamers

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Actors (Details) 1 2 3
Matt Cameron (Spielleiter)
Chris Duppenthaler (Mark)
Justin MacGregor (Ambrose / Magellan)
Scot McIntosh (Bandit King's Lieutenant)
Emily Olson (Paula / The Princess, ...)
Phil M. Price (Nimble the Thief)
Nathan Rice (Newmoon the Elf, ...)
Matt Shimkus (Rogar The Barbarian)
Evan Shimono (The Shadow)
Mark Thomason (The Bandit King)
Matt Vancil (Hunk)
Carol Roscoe (Daphne / Joanna)
Brian Lewis (Brother Silence / Cass / Rennard)
Scott C. Brown (Flynn / Leo / Turk)
Christian Doyle (Luster / Gary / Fastidian / Undead Fastinian)
Geoffrey Gibbs (Mort Kemnon)
Ed Gibbs (Hierophant)
Don Early (Mort Agrippa / Mummy #1 / Goblin)
Sean K. Reynolds (Inquisitor)
Julia Vancil (Goblin Queen)
Steve Wolbrecht (Nodwick / Voice of Drazuul)
John Frank Rosenblum (King Erasamus the Randomly Biased)
Jen Page (Luster (female) / Professor)
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