Aide : Droits de l'utilisateur


Every user can write articles or make changes to articles at omdb. However, some changes require you to register beforehand. This registration is free and gives you many advantages. As you can easily see in this table, registered users have a few more usage rights than unregistered users.

Unregistered users are allowed to:

  • Add movies
  • Write articles
  • Set links
  • Add categories
  • Add keywords
  • Add or change cast

Registered users may also:

  • Vote on categories
  • Vote on plot keywords
  • Upload images
  • Set up an own user page on omdb
  • Make changes to hierarchical structures
  • Write reviews soon

Administrators may also:

  • “Lock” information
  • Delete pages
  • Block vandals

More information about the locked status can be found here: Locked Status