Aide : ajouter un nouveau film


Add a new movie

Thank you for deciding to contribute to omdb! You will quickly realize that omdb is a very easy and convenient place to add new movies.

Caution: If you would rather create a person, a company, a character or a keyword instead of a new movie, you will find more information under this point:

This is how you proceed if you want to create a movie:

  1. Pick a movie you want to add to omdb.
  2. Press the orange button “Create new movie”. A dialog box opens.
  3. Now enter the original title of the movie (in the original language) and confirm.
  4. In the next dialog, please check whether the movie has already been created. If not, check the box “The movie I want to create is not in the list” and confirm.

Congratulations! Your movie has now been added to the omdb database and you will be automatically redirected to the still empty page of the movie. There you can add all further information.

At least the basic information, such as country, year, director, etc. should be added. If this is missing, the film may have to be deleted again, because sometimes it is no longer possible to determine which film was meant.

On the new movie page you now have the following options:

  1. Specify whether it is a movie or a series
  2. Write a short description of the film
  3. Summarize the plot of the film in a story chapter
  4. Upload the original world premiere movie poster
  5. Set the cast and crew of the film
  6. Fill in the film data on the right side
  7. Assign appropriate categories such as genres or target groups
  8. Assign appropriate plot keywords
  9. Enter appropriate movie references
  10. Add the movie to a movie series
  11. Upload the movie trailer

Possible subsequent steps:

  1. Vote on the quality of the movie
  2. Write an article about characters that play a special role in the movie
  3. Write an article about people who were involved in the movie
  4. Write an article about companies involved in the movie