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2007-04-08 07:35Ali Lartercreated article Ali Larter
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2007-04-08 05:41The Dirty Dozendeleted category
2007-04-08 05:41The Dirty DozenCategory Secret Mission
2007-04-08 05:40The Dirty Dozendeleted category
2007-04-08 05:40The Dirty DozenJohn Cassavetes as Actor
2007-04-08 05:39The Dirty DozenCountry United States of America
2007-04-08 05:29freedom-writers_us.jpgcreated article freedom-writers_us.jpg
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2007-04-08 05:28dirty_dozen.jpgcreated article dirty_dozen.jpg
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2007-04-08 05:27Lee Marvincreated article Lee Marvin
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2007-04-08 05:26The Dirty DozenCategory Guy Movie
2007-04-08 05:26The Dirty DozenCategory Satire On War
2007-04-08 05:26The Dirty DozenCategory War Film
2007-04-08 05:25The Dirty Dozenalias Das dreckige Dutzend
2007-04-08 05:25The Dirty Dozenrelease date set to 1967-06-15
2007-04-08 05:24The Dirty DozenRobert Aldrich as Director
2007-04-08 05:24Robert Aldrichcreated Robert Aldrich
2007-04-08 05:23dirty_dozen.jpgcreated dirty_dozen.jpg
2007-04-08 05:20The Dirty Dozenchanged Runtime from 0 to 145
2007-04-08 05:19The Dirty DozenLanguage English
2007-04-08 05:19The Dirty DozenDonald Sutherland as Actor
2007-04-08 05:19The Dirty DozenTelly Savalas as Actor
2007-04-08 05:18The Dirty DozenErnest Borgnine as Actor
2007-04-08 05:18The Dirty DozenCharles Bronson as Actor
2007-04-08 05:17The Dirty DozenLee Marvin as Actor
2007-04-08 05:17Lee Marvincreated Lee Marvin
2007-04-08 05:16The Dirty Dozencreated article The Dirty Dozen
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2007-04-08 05:16The Dirty Dozencreated The Dirty Dozen
2007-04-08 05:12Speed 2: Cruise ControlCategory Action
2007-04-08 04:29James Purefoycreated article James Purefoy
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2007-04-08 04:17Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventureunknown cast change
2007-04-08 04:16Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureAmy Stock-Poynton as Actor
2007-04-08 04:00Amy Stock-Poyntoncreated article Amy Stock-Poynton
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2007-04-08 03:26Miss CongenialityCategory Cinderella
2007-04-08 03:26Miss Congenialitydeleted category
2007-04-08 03:26Miss Congenialitydeleted category
2007-04-08 03:26Miss Congenialitydeleted category
2007-04-08 03:23IMG_9702-CC_-_Flickr_-_Eye_Steel_Film2.jpgcreated IMG_9702-CC_-_Flickr_-_Eye_Steel_Film2.jpg
2007-04-08 03:10Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventurechanged abstract (view diff)
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2007-04-08 03:10Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventurechanged abstract (view diff)
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