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2010-10-03 07:54The Big Red OneCategory Fantasy
2009-10-15 14:53Skinhead Attitudedeleted category
2009-06-02 11:59Max PayneCategory Thriller
2009-04-17 09:54ShooterCategory Corruption
2008-11-02 21:43Bender's Gamechanged name from Futurama: Bender's Game to Bender's Game
2008-11-02 21:43Bender's Gamechanged Runtime from 0 to 88
2008-11-02 21:43Bender's Gamerelease date set to 2008-11-04
2008-11-02 21:41Futurama-Benders-Game.jpgcreated Futurama-Benders-Game.jpg
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameRich Little as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameKath Soucie as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameLauren Tom as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameBilly West as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameFrank Welker as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameTress MacNeille as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameKatey Sagal as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameGeorge Takei as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Rich Littlecreated Rich Little
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GamePhil LaMarr as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMaurice LaMarche as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameDavid Herman as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameJohn DiMaggio as Actor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameScott Muller as Casting
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GamePaul D. Calder as Editor
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameChristopher Tyng as Original Music Composer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GamePatric Verrone as Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameLee Supercinski as Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMichael Rowe as Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameClaudia Katz as Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMatt Groening as Executive Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameDavid X. Cohen as Executive Producer
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameDwayne Carey-Hill as Director
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GamePatric Verrone as Author
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMichael Rowe as Author
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMatt Groening as Author
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameDavid X. Cohen as Author
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameMatt Groening as Author
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameCategory Science Fiction
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameCategory Comedy
2008-11-02 21:29Bender's GameCategory Animation
2008-11-02 21:27Bender's Gamecreated article Bender's Game
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2008-11-02 21:27Bender's Gamecreated Bender's Game
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomJun Cheng Hong as Actor
2008-11-02 16:36Jun Cheng Hongcreated Jun Cheng Hong
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomMathew Tang as Actor
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomShaohua Yang as Actor
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomDeshun Wang as Actor
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomBin Jiang as Actor
2008-11-02 16:36The Forbidden KingdomXiaoLi Liu as Actor