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Anonymous P5kCdKADg2p gApxdjsQC2w2009-12-28 10:06release date set to 1999-01-16
Anonymous Laxq7dMdr73 s5qkhNeOykg2007-09-17 15:25release date set to 1999-01-16
2007-09-17 15:23release date set to 1998-11-07
Peter (contribs)2007-09-16 20:25release date set to 1999-01-16
release date set to 1999-01-16
2007-09-16 20:24release date set to 1998-11-07
2007-09-16 20:23release date set to 1998-10-31
2007-09-16 20:22release date set to 1998-10-24
release date set to 1998-10-17
2007-09-16 20:21release date set to 1998-10-10
2007-09-16 20:20release date set to 1998-10-03
2007-09-16 20:19release date set to 1998-09-28
Peter (contribs)2007-09-16 16:40release date set to 1998-09-19
Anonymous RsiE1ztyRSY vpbruKpvK5g2007-09-16 11:31created article Staffel 2
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axel (contribs)2007-09-16 11:03release date set to 1998-09-14
Peter (contribs)2007-09-16 10:44Kevin Conroy as Actor
2007-09-16 10:43Kevin Conroy as Actor
2007-09-16 10:42Glen Murakami as Art Direction
Andrea Romano as Casting
2007-09-16 10:41Kristopher Carter as Music
Lolita Ritmanis as Music
Michael McCuistion as Music
2007-09-16 10:40Shirley Walker as Original Music Composer
2007-09-16 10:39Jean MacCurdy as Executive Producer
Bruce Timm as Producer
Paul Dini as Producer
2007-09-16 10:38Alan Burnett as Producer
Haven Alexander as Associate Producer
2007-09-16 10:37Michael Reaves as Screenplay
Joe R. Lansdale as Screenplay
2007-09-16 10:36Alan Burnett as Screenplay
Jerry Robinson as Screenplay
Bruce Timm as Screenplay
Steve Gerber as Screenplay
2007-09-16 10:35Robert Garland as Screenplay
Stan Berkowitz as Screenplay
2007-09-16 10:34Rich Fogel as Screenplay
unknown cast change
unknown cast change
2007-09-16 10:33Toshihiko Masuda as Director