Quo Vadis?


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Jo (contribs)2021-10-11 22:25Country Spain
Country Switzerland
Country Germany
Country United Kingdom
Country France
Country Italy
Language Italian
Language English
Jo (contribs)2017-03-28 22:30Category Costume Film
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Historical Film
Category Drama
changed external link to
2017-03-28 22:29changed series_type from season_based to mini_series
changed parent_id from 2465 to
changed parent_id from 2465 to
2017-03-28 22:28changed name from 1 to Quo Vadis?
changed name from 1 to Quo Vadis?
Anonymous P5kCdKADg2p gApxdjsQC2w2009-12-28 13:27release date set to 1985-01-01
Peter (contribs)2007-07-15 05:46changed inherit_cast to 1
2007-07-15 05:36Ángela Molina as Actor
Max von Sydow as Actor
2007-07-15 05:35Françoise Fabian as Actor
Marko Nikolic as Actor
2007-07-15 05:34Olga Kolatos as Actor
Leopoldo Trieste as Actor
2007-07-15 05:33Philippe Leroy as Actor
Massimo Girotto as Actor
2007-07-15 05:32Gabriele Ferzetti as Actor
Marie Theres Relin as Actor
2007-07-15 05:31Francesco Quinn as Actor
Barbara de Rossi as Actor
2007-07-15 05:30Cristina Raines as Actor
2007-07-15 05:29Frederic Forrest as Actor
Klaus Maria Brandauer as Actor
2007-07-15 05:28Andjelka Jovanovic as Makeup Artist
2007-07-15 05:27Maurizio Giustini as Makeup Artist
Adonella de Rossi as Makeup Artist
Jost Jakob as Costumer
2007-07-15 05:26Ezio di Monte as Set Decoration