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Cwf1997 (contribs)2023-08-22 19:22Category Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse
System2022-07-02 04:07Angus MacLane as Director
Cwf1997 (contribs)2021-05-27 20:54Jeff Garlin as Voice
2021-05-27 20:53Angus MacLane as Voice
Elissa Knight as Voice
Ben Burtt as Voice
SystemJim Reardon as Screenplay
Pete Docter as Screenplay
Cwf1997 (contribs)changed external link to
Anonymous bm7m/QFCuIs 7xs8zXc4ezQ2010-08-04 19:26Category Robot
Category Short Story
Category Short
Category Family Film
Category Hollywood Film
Category Animation
2010-08-04 19:21changed homepage from to
changed Runtime from 0 to 7
release date set to 2008-11-18
Company Pixar Animation Studios
Company Pixar Animation Studios
2010-08-04 19:20Company Pixar Animation Studios
2010-08-04 19:13created Burn-E