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Jo (contribs)2018-01-01 02:09Country Denmark
2018-01-01 02:08release date set to 1918-02-22
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benjamin (contribs)2007-08-04 10:03created article Himmelskibet
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Peter (contribs)2007-08-04 06:33Category Meditation
Category Temple
deleted category
Category Marsian
2007-08-04 06:10alias The Airship
alias Sky Ship
alias A trip to Mars
2007-08-04 06:09alias A Ship to Heaven
alias 400 Million Miles from Earth
2007-08-04 06:08Category Literature
Category Black And White Film
Category Classic
Category Family Film
Category Science Fiction
Gunnar Tolnaes as Actor
2007-08-04 06:07Zanny Petersen as Actor
Alfred Osmund as Actor
2007-08-04 06:06Nicolei Neiiendam as Actor
2007-08-04 06:05Svend Kornbech as Actor
Lilly Jacobsen as Actor
2007-08-04 06:04Frederik Jacobsen as Actor
2007-08-04 06:03Alf Blutecher as Actor
Philip Bech as Actor
2007-08-04 06:02Nils Asther as Actor
2007-08-04 06:01Axel Bruun as Art Direction
Carlo Jacobsen as Set Designer
2007-08-04 06:00Louis Larsen as Director of Photography
Frederik Fuglsang as Director of Photography
2007-08-04 05:59Ole Olsen as Screenplay
Sophus Michaelis as Novel
Holger Madsen as Director
2007-08-04 05:58changed Runtime from 0 to 97
release date set to 1918-01-01
Language Danish
Company Nordisk Film