All Stars


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Jo (contribs)2022-09-12 10:07changed Runtime from 0 to 115
Category Sport Film
Category Comedy
System2022-09-12 10:06Jean van de Velde as Screenplay
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
krispijn (contribs)2007-07-27 19:19Category Competition
Category Best Friends
Category Male Friends
Category Friendship
2007-07-27 19:18Category Leeds United
2007-07-27 19:17Category Leeds United
Category Football
2007-07-27 19:16Kaspar van Kooten as Actor
Raymi Sambo as Actor
Plien van Bennekom as Actor
Peter Paul Muller as Actor
2007-07-27 19:15Thomas Acda as Actor
Danny de Munk as Actor
Antonie Kamerling as Actor
2007-07-27 19:14Jean van der Velde as Scenario Writer
Mischa Alexander as Scenario Writer
Jean van de Velde as Director
2007-07-27 19:13release date set to 1997-05-01
Language Dutch
Country Netherlands
2007-07-27 19:12created article All Stars
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created All Stars