What are categories?

Categories are groups of movies to which movies can be assigned based on common characteristics. They offer the possibility of arranging the large number of movies and thus making them clearer. With the help of the correctly assigned categories it is then possible, for example, to display all children’s movies, all historical movies on the Second World War, all Dogma95 movies or all black-and-white movies in the database.

In order to structure the large number of categories a little, there are eight fixed main categories in omdb, each of which has a large number of subcategories. For example, the upper category genre has the subgenres drama and comedy, which in turn have social drama or comedy mistaken as further subgenres. The omdb categories are therefore hierarchical.

Eight major categories

omdb knows the following eight main categories, to which all other categories are subordinated:

Please note on the overview pages of the main categories that only the directly dependent categories of the next lower level are displayed on the right-hand side of the page. Deeper branches are not shown in this overview.

Be sure to assign multiple categories!

Multiple categories are not mutually exclusive! That means a film can be both a cult movie and a blockbuster. Or, for example, a science fiction movie, but also an action and horror movie (three categories from genre). If a movie fits into several different categories, you should assign all possible categories to the movie. In this way, the movie can be found by other users in different contexts and search queries.

Vote on categories

By participating in the Voting you can contribute your opinion on essential and non-essential categories of a film. A category once assigned, which is later considered irrelevant by the majority of users, is automatically removed again.

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