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2007-03-22 21:41Kevin Macdonaldcreated article Kevin Macdonald
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2007-03-22 21:26The Last King of ScotlandSimon McBurney as Actor
2007-03-22 21:25The Last King of ScotlandJames McAvoy as Actor
2007-03-22 21:24The Last King of ScotlandForest Whitaker as Actor
2007-03-22 21:23The Last King of ScotlandKevin Macdonald as Director
2007-03-22 21:23Kevin Macdonaldcreated Kevin Macdonald
2007-03-22 21:22The_Last_King_of_Scotland.jpgcreated article The_Last_King_of_Scotland.jpg
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2007-03-18 23:03JunebugPhil Morrison as Director
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2007-03-18 23:01Junebugrelease date set to 2005-01-01
2007-03-18 23:00JunebugBen McKenzie as Actor
2007-03-18 23:00Ben McKenziecreated Ben McKenzie
2007-03-18 23:00JunebugScott Wilson as Actor
2007-03-18 22:59Amy Adamscreated article Amy Adams
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2007-03-18 22:59Alessandro Nivolacreated article Alessandro Nivola
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2007-03-18 22:59JunebugCelia Weston as Actor
2007-03-18 22:58JunebugEmbeth Davidtz as Actor
2007-03-18 22:58JunebugAmy Adams as Actor
2007-03-18 22:58JunebugAlessandro Nivola as Actor
2007-03-10 00:15Christian Petzoldcreated article Christian Petzold
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2007-03-10 00:14Julia Hummercreated article Julia Hummer
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2007-03-10 00:14GhostsPeter Kurth as Actor
2007-03-10 00:13GhostsRosa Enskat as Actor
2007-03-10 00:13Rosa Enskatcreated Rosa Enskat
2007-03-10 00:13GhostsAnnika Blendl as Actor
2007-03-10 00:12GhostsPeter Kurth as Actor
2007-03-10 00:07Ghostscreated article Gespenster
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2007-03-10 00:07Maria am WasserThomas Wendrich as Author
2007-03-10 00:05Maria am Wasserdeleted category
2007-03-09 23:58Maria am WasserCategory Regional film
2007-03-09 23:58Maria am WasserCategory Family Drama
2007-03-09 23:53Maria am WasserLouis El-Ghussein as Actor
2007-03-09 23:53Louis El-Ghusseincreated Louis El-Ghussein
2007-03-09 23:53Maria am WasserWladimir Tarasjanz as Actor
2007-03-09 23:53Wladimir Tarasjanzcreated Wladimir Tarasjanz
2007-03-09 23:52Maria am WasserHermann Beyer as Actor
2007-03-09 23:51Maria am WasserFalk Rockstroh as Actor
2007-03-09 23:51Falk Rockstrohcreated Falk Rockstroh
2007-03-09 23:50Maria am WasserCountry Germany
2007-03-09 23:49Maria am WasserLanguage German
2007-03-09 23:49Maria am WasserLanguage Czech
2007-03-09 23:47Annika Blendlcreated article Annika Blendl
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2007-03-09 23:47Alexander Beyercreated article Alexander Beyer
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2007-03-09 23:47Maria am WasserJürgen Biesinger as Producer