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2013-06-25 09:46Alexander T.changed birthplace from to
2013-06-25 09:45Alexander T.changed Birthday from to
2013-02-25 11:04Tarzan and the Lost Cityunknown cast change
2013-02-25 11:03Tsotsiunknown cast change
2013-02-20 17:47Lovelaceunknown cast change
2013-02-19 11:43Hyde Park on HudsonCategory Biopic
2013-02-19 11:43Hyde Park on HudsonCategory Comedy
2013-02-19 11:43Hyde Park on HudsonCategory Drama
2013-02-19 11:42Hyde Park on HudsonCategory Romantic Drama
2013-02-12 10:45Need For SpeedJohn Gatins as Screenplay
2013-02-12 10:43Need For SpeedTaylor Kitsch as Actor
2013-02-11 14:57AnnieRyan Murphy as Director
2013-02-11 14:57AnnieWillow Smith as Actor
2013-02-11 14:57AnnieEmma Thompson as Author
2013-02-11 14:05A Good Day to Die Hardunknown cast change
2013-02-11 14:05A Good Day to Die HardYuliya Snigir as Actor
2013-02-11 14:05A Good Day to Die HardPatrick Stewart as Actor
2013-02-08 16:08Dirty GirlSally Hawkins as Actor
2013-02-08 16:08Dirty GirlAshley Rickards as Actor
2013-02-08 16:08Dirty GirlJohn Michael Higgins as Actor
2013-02-08 16:08Dirty GirlLisa Kudrow as Actor
2013-02-05 12:57Thunderbirds > Season 2Gerry Anderson as Author
2013-02-05 12:56The Protectors > 2,000 Ft. to DieGerry Anderson as Producer
2013-02-05 12:56The Protectors > Season TwoGerry Anderson as Producer
2013-02-05 12:54DoppelgängerGerry Anderson as Producer
2013-02-05 12:54DoppelgängerGerry Anderson as Author
2013-01-30 14:44The Shadowrelease date set to
2013-01-30 14:44The Shadowchanged Status from Planned to Canceled
2013-01-30 14:43The ShadowQuentin Tarantino as Director
2013-01-30 14:43The ShadowQuentin Tarantino as Screenplay
2013-01-30 08:53Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagenchanged name from Jenny Elvers Elbertzhagen to Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen
2013-01-30 07:28The Color of TimeMichelle Williams as Actor
2013-01-28 14:01Dallas Buyers ClubGael García Bernal as Actor
2013-01-28 14:01Dallas Buyers ClubHilary Swank as Actor
2013-01-28 14:00Dallas Buyers Clubchanged name from The Dallas Buyer’s Club to Dallas Buyers Club
2013-01-23 11:45Pieces of DreamsRichard O'Brien as Actor
2013-01-22 11:24LovelaceDemi Moore as Actor
2013-01-22 11:23LovelaceWilliam Merritt Johnson as Screenplay
2013-01-16 09:29Mark Boone Junioralias Mark Boone Jr.
2013-01-16 09:20Cy Endfieldalias Cy Endfield
2013-01-16 09:20Cy Endfieldalias Cy Endfield
2013-01-14 13:14Christian Wittealias Christian Witte
2013-01-07 14:46To the Wonderunknown cast change
2013-01-07 14:46To the WonderAmanda Peet as Actor
2013-01-07 14:46To the WonderRachel Weisz as Actor
2013-01-07 14:46To the WonderBarry Pepper as Actor
2013-01-04 15:58Body of LiesCategory Intelligence
2013-01-04 15:58Body of LiesCategory Jeep
2013-01-04 15:57Body of LiesCategory Lawyer
2013-01-04 15:57Body of LiesCategory Desert