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2008-10-18 16:45Catrine McGregorcreated Catrine McGregor
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesVincent Newman as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45James E. Tooleycreated James E. Tooley
2008-10-18 16:45Richard Glassercreated Richard Glasser
2008-10-18 16:45Kristin Perssoncreated Kristin Persson
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesRobert Morris as Director of Photography
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesJohn J. Hermansen as Associate Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesNicole Lee as Art Direction
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesJeff Johnson as Casting
2008-10-18 16:45Nicole Leecreated Nicole Lee
2008-10-18 16:45Robert Morriscreated Robert Morris
2008-10-18 16:45John J. Hermansencreated John J. Hermansen
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesDavid Peters as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesRoe Baker as Casting
2008-10-18 16:45Jeff Johnsoncreated Jeff Johnson
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesNancy Lanham as Co-Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesPaul Brooks as Executive Producer
2008-10-18 16:45David Peterscreated David Peters
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesNorm Waitt as Executive Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesScott Niemeyer as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesTucker Tooley as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesJoey Nittolo as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Nancy Lanhamcreated Nancy Lanham
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesDavid Kronemeyer as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesKaren Beninati as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesMars Callahan as Director
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesMars Callahan as Author
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesChris Corso as Author
2008-10-18 16:45Poolhall JunkiesCarol Gillson as Producer
2008-10-18 16:45Karen Beninaticreated Karen Beninati
2008-10-18 16:45David Kronemeyercreated David Kronemeyer
2008-10-18 16:45Mars Callahancreated Mars Callahan
2008-10-18 16:45Carol Gillsoncreated Carol Gillson
2008-10-18 16:45Mars Callahancreated Mars Callahan
2008-10-18 16:45Chris Corsocreated Chris Corso
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall JunkiesCategory Thriller
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall Junkieschanged Runtime from 0 to 99
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall Junkiesrelease date set to 2003-03-21
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall JunkiesLanguage English
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall JunkiesCountry United States of America
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall JunkiesCategory Drama
2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall Junkiescreated article Poolhall Junkies
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2008-10-18 16:44Poolhall Junkiescreated Poolhall Junkies
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneEric Payne as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneDamion Poitier as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneD-Taylor Murphy as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AlonePeak Winbush as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneJalil Jay Lynch as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneJennifer Sky as Actor
2008-10-14 09:25Never Die AloneAisha Tyler as Actor