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2018-09-29 18:28The AdventurersStephen Fung as Producer
2018-09-29 18:28The AdventurersStephen Fung as Screenplay
2018-09-29 18:27The AdventurersAndy Lau as Producer
2018-09-29 18:27The AdventurersStephen Fung as Director
2018-09-29 18:16The AdventurersCountry Czech Republic
2018-09-29 18:16The AdventurersCountry China
2018-09-29 18:16The AdventurersCountry Hong Kong
2018-09-29 18:15The AdventurersLanguage English
2018-09-29 18:15The AdventurersLanguage French
2018-09-29 18:13The Adventurerschanged Runtime from 0 to 108
2018-09-29 18:13The Adventurersrelease date set to 2017-08-11
2018-09-29 18:09The Adventurersalias The Adventurers
2018-09-29 18:09The Adventurerscreated Xia dao lian meng
2018-09-29 14:02The First PurgeCategory Horror
2018-09-29 14:00The First PurgeMelonie Diaz as Actor
2018-09-29 13:59The First PurgeSteve Harris as Actor
2018-09-29 13:59The First PurgeRotimi Paul as Actor
2018-09-29 13:59Rotimi Paulcreated Rotimi Paul
2018-09-29 13:58The First PurgeKristen Solis as Actor
2018-09-29 13:58Kristen Soliscreated Kristen Solis
2018-09-29 13:58The First PurgeLauren Vélez as Actor
2018-09-29 13:57The First PurgeMarisa Tomei as Actor
2018-09-29 13:57The First PurgePatch Darragh as Actor
2018-09-29 13:56The First PurgeJoivan Wade as Actor
2018-09-29 13:56Joivan Wadecreated Joivan Wade
2018-09-29 13:55The First PurgeLex Scott Davis as Actor
2018-09-29 13:55Lex Scott Daviscreated Lex Scott Davis
2018-09-29 13:54The First PurgeY'Ian Noel as Actor
2018-09-29 13:54Y'Ian Noelcreated Y'Ian Noel
2018-09-29 13:53The First PurgeJim Page as Editor
2018-09-29 13:53The First PurgeAnastas N. Michos as Director of Photography
2018-09-29 13:52The First PurgeKevin Lax as Music
2018-09-29 13:52Kevin Laxcreated Kevin Lax
2018-09-29 13:51The First PurgeJason Blum as Producer
2018-09-29 13:51The First PurgeMichael Bay as Producer
2018-09-29 13:50The First PurgeJames DeMonaco as Screenplay
2018-09-29 13:50The First PurgeGerard McMurray as Director
2018-09-29 13:50Gerard McMurraycreated Gerard McMurray
2018-09-29 13:49The First PurgeCountry United States of America
2018-09-29 13:49The First PurgeLanguage English
2018-09-29 13:49The First Purgechanged Runtime from 0 to 98
2018-09-29 13:49The First Purgerelease date set to 2018-07-04
2018-09-29 13:46The First Purgecreated The First Purge
2018-09-29 13:41AnonCategory Thriller
2018-09-29 13:41AnonCategory Science Fiction
2018-09-29 13:35AnonRachel Roberts as Actor
2018-09-29 13:34AnonSebastian Pigott as Actor
2018-09-29 13:34AnonIddo Goldberg as Actor
2018-09-29 13:33AnonJoe Pingue as Actor
2018-09-29 13:31AnonMark O'Brien as Actor