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2007-10-05 23:15Be Coolrelease date set to 2005-01-01
2007-10-05 23:14Be Cooldeleted category
2007-10-05 23:14Be CoolCategory Hollywood
2007-10-05 23:14Be CoolCategory Shared Universe
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2007-10-05 22:55Be CoolCategory Blockbuster
2007-10-05 22:55Be CoolCategory Hollywood Film
2007-10-05 22:55Be CoolCategory Comedy
2007-10-05 22:54Be CoolJames Woods as Actor
2007-10-05 22:54Be Coolunknown cast change
2007-10-05 22:54Be Coolunknown cast change
2007-10-05 22:54Be CoolHarvey Keitel as Actor
2007-10-05 22:54Be CoolGregory Alan Williams as Actor
2007-10-05 22:54Gregory Alan Williamscreated Gregory Alan Williams
2007-10-05 22:53Be CoolDebi Mazar as Actor
2007-10-05 22:53Be CoolPaul Adelstein as Actor
2007-10-05 22:53Be CoolChristina Milian as Actor
2007-10-05 22:53Christina Miliancreated Christina Milian
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolRobert Pastorelli as Actor
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolSteven Tyler as Actor
2007-10-05 22:52Steven Tylercreated Steven Tyler
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolAndré Benjamin as Actor
2007-10-05 22:52André Benjamincreated André Benjamin
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolCedric the Entertainer as Actor
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolVince Vaughn as Actor
2007-10-05 22:52Be CoolUma Thurman as Actor
2007-10-05 22:51Be CoolJohn Travolta as Actor
2007-10-05 22:51Be CoolPeter Steinfeld as Screenplay
2007-10-05 22:51Peter Steinfeldcreated Peter Steinfeld
2007-10-05 22:51Be CoolElmore Leonard as Novel
2007-10-05 22:51Be CoolF. Gary Gray as Director
2007-10-05 22:51F. Gary Graycreated F. Gary Gray
2007-10-05 22:50Be Coolchanged Runtime from 0 to 2005
2007-10-05 22:50Be CoolLanguage English
2007-10-05 22:50Be CoolCountry United States of America
2007-10-05 22:50Plakatmotiv_30x40.jpgcreated Plakatmotiv_30x40.jpg
2007-10-05 22:49Be Coolcreated article Be Cool
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2007-10-05 22:47SympathyForLadyVengeance_Poster.jpgcreated SympathyForLadyVengeance_Poster.jpg
2007-10-05 22:46Sympathy for Lady Vengeancealias Lady Vengeance
2007-10-05 22:46Sympathy for Lady VengeanceCategory Independent Film
2007-10-05 22:46Sympathy for Lady VengeanceCategory Thriller
2007-10-05 22:46Sympathy for Lady VengeanceCategory Drama
2007-10-05 22:43Sympathy for Lady Vengeanceunknown cast change