Santosh Ram

Director, Screenplay, Producer

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3 since 2009
1979-11-03 (40 years)
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    Santosh Ram
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Santosh Ram (born 3 November 1979) is an Indian writer, director and producer. He has done his Post Graduation in English Literature. He developed an appreciation for cinema while studying Literature. He has participated in Film Appreciation Course conducted by National Film Archive of India in collaboration with Film and Television Institute of India 2006 . He Participated in a six month Film making course conducted by Cinefusion , Pune . He was selected for a Six Month course in City Narratives In Cinema and Literature conducted by Maajlis and MaxmullarBhavan , Mumbai.He is widely known for his debut Short film Vartul (2009), which was screened at over 56 National and International film festivals including 11th Osian’s Cine fan Film Festival, New Delhi (India), International Documentary and Short Film Festival Of Kerala and 17th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Canada), winning thirteen awards. The film is inspired by a true event that moulded his religious, social and political ideology while growing up. Second Short Film Galli (Short) (2015)- Selection in over Twelve Film Festivals across the world. He was one of the Curators For 11th Vibgyor Film Festival 2016 Thirussur (India). Prashna (2020) is shortlisted for Filmfare short Film Awards 2020 And Six Film Festivals across the world .

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