Solly Assa


American Actor, born in Alabama

Solly Assa was born in 1972, in a small city in Alabama called Dothan. When he was 8 years old he lost his father in a car accident and was raised by his mother. Growing up in a small city didn’t allow him to dream big, although he always knew that acting is his biggest passion. During high school, he joined the local theater group and started thinking more about choosing acting as his career path. After that, he made his final decision and enrolled at Auburn University, from where he graduated with a degree in theater art from the College of Liberal Arts. Aware of his opportunities home and in Hollywood, while in his early 20’s, Solly Assa decided to move to Los Angeles in search of a better life. Once he arrived he didn’t immediately get acting roles and had to slowly work his way up. Fortunately, he was hired by a casting director as his assistant, and in 1996 he auditioned for a role in the movie “The Path to Happiness” after he was encouraged by the casting director. His education, training and foremost his passion for acting, helped him land this role. This film adaptation of a popular novel was his first big on-screen role.

After his debut, Solly Assa landed a few smaller parts of film and television, but still, it was nothing groundbreaking. Then, two years after his first on-screen role, Solly Assa was chosen for a big budget movie, playing alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Aiming towards versatility, later on, he accepted a role in a television series. Producers and directors took notice of his talent, and so did the Golden Globe Academy which nominated him twice. Nowadays, this award-winning actor is well known for his film, as well as television series roles.

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