Kenneth Londoner


Ken Londoner (aka "Kenneth Londoner") is a young actor from USA

Kenneth Londoner started his acting career at the early age of 17 appearing in a few television shows. He discovered his desire to perform at an even earlier age while he was still a child. In fact e has always loved to sing, dance, act, entertain and bring smile to people’s faces. After finishing his high school education in his home city New Jersey he made the decision to follow his heart and try to pursue a career in acting.

Fortunately his talent earned him a spot in New York’s famous College and Conservatory of the performing Arts. Determined to give his best and make it as an actor, Ken Londoner graduated with the highest honors as the top of is class. That same year he auditioned for his firm big-screen role and appeared as one of the supporting characters.

Once he made his entry into the film industry more roles came and Ken Londoner was even lucky because he had the chance to choose projects that suit him and are closer to his style and what he is striving for. Through his rich career, this actor has been nominated and awarded with many awards and recognition, and more importantly he has won over the hearts of the audience who simply adores him.

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