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The Purge 3

The Purge: Election Year

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System2019-07-16 21:42changed Budget to 10000000
uzi (contribs)2018-07-28 19:04Category Horror
2018-07-28 18:53Category Kick in the Balls
2018-07-28 18:19Hank Amos as Actor
Lonnie Farmer as Actor
2018-07-28 18:18Thomas Kee as Actor
Matt Walton as Actor
Emily Petta as Actor
Tom Paolino as Actor
Johnnie Mae as Actor
2018-07-28 18:17David Aaron Baker as Actor
Roman Blat as Actor
Tom Kemp as Actor
2018-07-28 18:16Raymond J. Barry as Actor
Jared Kemp as Actor
2018-07-28 18:15Christopher James Baker as Actor
Ethan Phillips as Actor
2018-07-28 18:14Category Minigun
2018-07-28 18:13Liza Colón-Zayas as Actor
Kyle Secor as Actor
2018-07-28 17:54Category Drone
2018-07-28 17:37Category Shot in Head
Category Guillotine
2018-07-28 17:22Category Election Campaign
Category President Elections
2018-07-28 17:21Category Election Campaign
2018-07-28 17:19Category Senator
Category Washington D.C.
2018-07-28 17:17Category Utopia & Dystopia
Category Dystopa
2018-07-28 17:16Category Burst of Violence
Jo (contribs)2016-08-10 21:13alias The Purge 3 - Election Year
System2016-07-13 05:57changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2016-06-29 22:26Edwin Hodge as Actor
Terry Serpico as Actor
Betty Gabriel as Actor
Joseph Julian Soria as Actor
Mykelti Williamson from 41294 to Joe Dixon
2016-06-29 22:25changed Runtime from 0 to 103
changed Status from In Production to Released