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System2019-07-21 18:01changed Budget to 50000000
changed Revenue to 162843638
2019-06-26 10:12changed external link to
uzi (contribs)2019-05-26 20:51Category Exploration
2019-05-26 20:50Category Seeing into the Future
Category Scripture
Category Language Barrier
2019-05-26 20:49Category Foreign Language
2019-05-26 20:48Category Language and Communication
Category Death of Daughter
Category Montana
Category UFO
2019-05-26 20:47Category Linguist
2019-05-26 20:40Category Surprising Twist
2019-05-26 20:38Dan Duran as Actor
Shawn Campbell as Actor
2019-05-26 20:37Brent Skagford as Actor
Genevieve Sirois as Actor
2019-05-26 20:36Lorne Brass as Actor
Joe Cobden as Actor
Abdul Ayoola as Actor
Abdelghafour Elaaziz as Actor
Russell Yuen as Actor
2019-05-26 20:35Larry Day as Actor
Julian Casey as Actor
Mark Camacho as Actor
Pat Kiely as Actor
2019-05-26 20:34Christian Jadah as Actor
Frank Schorpion as Actor
Tzi Ma from Pos. 5 to Pos. 6
Category Novel
Category Short Story
2019-05-26 20:33Category Novel
System2017-05-01 10:12Bradford Young as Director of Photography
om0982374847 (contribs)2017-04-24 05:52changed external link from unknown to
System2017-04-17 16:21Joe Walker as Editor
Jo (contribs)2016-12-18 00:30Mark O'Brien as Actor
System2016-09-12 17:08changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2016-09-01 15:44changed Status from In Production to Released
Category Exploration