Monster House


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Jo (contribs)2021-04-07 22:39Category Family Film
System2019-07-13 21:36changed Revenue to 140175006
2019-01-17 05:39changed external link to
uzi (contribs)2017-02-25 21:05Category Leave
Category Haunted
Category Monster
Category House
Category Secret
Category Darkness
Category Adventure
Category Dynamite
2017-02-25 21:04Category Bagger
Category Babysitter
Category Best Friends
Category Teenager
Category Halloween
2017-02-25 21:03Category Horror comedy
2017-02-25 21:00Matthew Fahey as Voice
Erik Walker as Voice
Jon Heder as Voice
Spencer Locke from Pos. 9 to Pos. 10
Spencer Locke from Pos. 8 to Pos. 9
2017-02-25 20:59Woody Schultz from Pos. 13 to Pos. 7
Woody Schultz as Voice
Fred Willard from Pos. 12 to Pos. 5
Catherine O'Hara from Pos. 11 to Pos. 4
2017-02-25 20:58Steve Buscemi from Pos. 5 to Pos. 2
Ryan Newman from Pos. 7 to Pos. 1
Ryan Newman from Kleines M├Ądchen to Little Girl
Jo (contribs)2017-02-06 22:53Ryan Newman from Pos. 5 to Pos. 7
2017-02-06 22:52Ryan Newman from Pos. 4 to Pos. 5
Spencer Locke from Pos. 5 to Pos. 3
Sam Lerner from Pos. 4 to Pos. 2
Mitchel Musso from Pos. 3 to Pos. 1
2017-02-06 22:50changed trailer to
2017-02-06 22:48changed trailer to
2017-02-06 22:47changed external link to
Mimuschka (contribs)2012-08-13 20:34Fred Willard as Actor
Catherine O'Hara as Actor
2012-08-13 20:33Kathleen Turner as Actor