Dirty Tricks


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Jo (contribs)2016-11-22 00:26release date set to 2010-01-01
changed Status from Planned to Canceled
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changed Status from In Production to Planned
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Anonymous gDWG6d+ereo kPYDYYeMikQ2008-04-30 17:07created article Dirty Tricks
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annasita (contribs)2008-04-30 16:21Category True Story
Category Political Thriller
2008-04-30 16:14Category Marital Relationship
Category United States of America
Category Watergate Scandal
2008-04-30 16:13Martín Hernández as Actor
Jill Clayburgh as Actor
Gwyneth Paltrow as Actor
2008-04-30 16:12John Jeter as Author
Category Theatre Play
Company Paramount Pictures
2008-04-30 16:11Meryl Streep as Actor
Annette Bening as Actor
Sharon Stone as Actor
2008-04-30 16:10Jim Broadbent as Actor
2008-04-30 16:09Brad Pitt as Actor
Ryan Murphy as Director
2008-04-30 16:08release date set to 2010-01-01
Language English
Country United States of America
changed Status from Released to In Production
2008-04-30 16:07created Dirty Tricks