Mitt liv som hund


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Language Swedish
2008-04-30 14:31Susanne Linnman as Editor
Christer Furubrand as Editor
Jörgen Persson as Director of Photography
Björn Isfält as Original Music Composer
2008-04-30 14:30Waldemar Bergendahl as Producer
Brasse Brännström as Screenplay
Reidar Jönsson as Novel
Per Berglund as Screenplay
2008-04-30 14:29Reidar Jönsson as Screenplay
Lasse Hallström as Screenplay
Lasse Hallström as Director
2008-04-30 14:28Kicki Rundgren as Actor
Anki Lidén as Actor
Tomas von Brömssen as Actor
Anton Glanzelius as Actor
2008-04-30 12:23alias My Life as a Dog
2008-04-30 12:21Category Coming Of Age
2008-04-30 12:20Category Loneliness
Category Outsider
Category Uncle
Category 1950s
Category Sweden
changed Runtime from 0 to 101
2008-04-30 12:19release date set to 1985-12-12
Country Sweden
changed name from Aliens vs Predator : Requiem to Mitt liv som hund
Company AB Film-Teknik
Company AB Svensk Filmindustri
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