Die kalte Wahrheit


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System2019-01-15 18:33changed external link to
2018-02-06 00:41Bella Halben as Director of Photography
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Jo (contribs)2015-11-25 12:19Category Crime Film
Jo (contribs)2015-03-20 10:46Company ZDF
Jo (contribs)2015-02-24 23:37Category Run Over by Car
Category Unexplained Death
release date set to 2014-09-29
changed Status from In Production to Released
2015-02-24 23:33Category Film Produced For TV
Category Drama
2015-02-24 23:32Sinje Irslinger as Actor
Jannik Schümann as Actor
Petra Welteroth as Actor
Ruth Reinecke as Actor
Trystan Pütter as Actor
Michael A. Grimm as Actor
Martin Lindow as Actor
Peter Benedict as Actor
2015-02-24 23:31Ann-Kathrin Kramer as Actor
Torben Liebrecht as Actor
Rainer Bock as Actor
Petra Schmidt-Schaller as Actor
Sarah Esser as Screenplay
2015-02-24 23:30Franziska Meletzky as Director
Country Germany
Language German
changed Runtime from 0 to 90
release date set to 2015-03-23
changed Status from Released to In Production
2015-02-24 23:29created Die kalte Wahrheit