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Whisper 2

Ostwind 2

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System2020-06-10 10:37changed external link to empty
Jo (contribs)2019-09-02 17:14Category Stable
System2019-04-20 17:40changed external link to
2018-06-30 12:03alias Whisper 2
2018-01-10 11:08changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2017-07-09 17:16changed parent_id to 108703
System2017-04-23 14:40Torsten Breuer as Director of Photography
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2015-05-14 08:38Tilo Prückner as Actor
2015-05-14 08:37Cornelia Froboess as Actor
Marvin Linke as Actor
Jannis Niewöhner as Actor
2015-05-14 08:36Amber Bongard as Actor
2015-05-14 08:35changed Runtime from 0 to 108
2015-05-14 08:34changed trailer to
2015-05-14 08:32changed Status from In Production to Released
Jo (contribs)2014-12-26 16:51Category Hengst
Category Adventure
2014-12-26 16:49Nina Kronjäger as Actor
2014-12-26 16:48Jürgen Vogel as Actor
Hanna Binke as Actor
Lea Schmidbauer as Screenplay
2014-12-26 16:47Katja von Garnier as Director
Country Germany
Language German
release date set to 2015-05-14
changed Status from Released to In Production
created Ostwind 2