Big Hero 6


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System2019-07-21 17:17changed Budget to 165000000
changed Revenue to 657818612
2019-01-19 15:18changed external link to
uzi (contribs)2018-03-26 05:53Category Loss of Loved One
Category Superpowers
Category Threat
2018-03-26 05:52Category Death of Daughter
Category Revenge
Category totgeglaubt
Category Portal
Category Mask
2018-03-26 05:51Category Loss of Brother
Category Man-Machine Relationship
Category Engineer
Category Intellectually Gifted
2018-03-26 05:50Category Fictional Place
Category Adventure
Category Science Fiction
2018-03-26 05:33Frank Welker as Voice
Stan Lee as Cameo
2018-03-26 05:32Shane Sweet as Voice
Marcella Lentz-Pope as Voice
Sundra Oakley as Voice
Brian R. Norris as Voice
Tim Mertens as Voice
2018-03-26 05:31Yuri Lowenthal as Voice
Kelly Hoover as Voice
Bridget Hoffman as Voice
Nicholas Guest as Voice
David Cowgill as Voice
2018-03-26 05:30Roy Conli as Voice
Cam Clarke as Voice
June Christopher as Voice
Kirk Baily as Voice
2018-03-26 05:29Daniel Gerson as Voice
Billy Bush as Voice
Katie Lowes as Voice
2018-03-26 05:28Abraham Benrubi as Voice
Maya Rudolph from Pos. 9 to Pos. 10
Alan Tudyk as Voice