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Homer and Apu


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Jo (contribs)2018-10-26 21:50James Woods from Pos. 1 to Pos. 3
2018-10-26 21:49James Woods as Voice
System2017-04-10 10:50Greg Daniels as Screenplay
Mark Kirkland as Director
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
Anonymous TbU71cfqr5y WBRsUwryKig2011-01-27 22:18Category Amends
Category Food Poisoning
2011-01-27 22:17Category Classical Animation
Jo (contribs)2008-07-04 12:54Category Kwik-E-Mart
annasita (contribs)2008-03-01 21:29Language English
Country United States of America
Anonymous w/lXaGbC7Sz hSWi/pF9sxQ2008-02-18 12:59created article Homer and Apu
no comment entered
Jo (contribs)2008-02-17 17:35changed Runtime from 0 to 23
release date set to 1994-02-10
created Homer and Apu