The Bunker


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annasita (contribs)2008-02-28 17:05Category 1944
2008-02-28 17:04Category Soldier
Category German
deleted category
Category War Film
2008-02-28 17:03Andrew Lee Potts as Actor
Jack Davenport as Actor
Christopher Fairbank as Actor
2008-02-28 17:02Andrew Tiernan as Actor
Jason Flemyng as Actor
Rob Green as Director
2008-02-28 17:01Clive Dawson as Screenplay
changed Runtime from 0 to 95
release date set to 2001-09-14
Language English
Country United States of America
Company Millennium Pictures
Anonymous 6aHS/25hmlZ /Q4b4gKnngA2008-02-13 13:21created article The Bunker
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klotz (contribs)2008-02-13 08:53created The Bunker