La migliore offerta


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System2019-01-17 13:59changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2015-07-22 16:41Category Arts
Category Auction
2015-07-22 16:36Ennio Morricone as Music
Ennio Morricone as Original Music Composer
Ennio Morricone as Music
Dermot Crowley as Actor
2015-07-22 16:35Philip Jackson as Actor
Sylvia Hoeks as Actor
changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2014-04-18 21:00release date set to 2013-02-01
Jo (contribs)2013-12-12 23:52alias The Best Offer
Jo (contribs)2013-05-17 23:22Donald Sutherland as Actor
2013-05-17 23:21Geoffrey Rush as Actor
Jim Sturgess as Actor
Marie-Krolock (contribs)2013-02-18 11:22Category Romance Film
Giuseppe Tornatore as Screenplay
Giuseppe Tornatore as Director
2013-02-18 11:21changed Runtime from 0 to 124
release date set to 2013-01-01
Language English
Country Italy
Company Warner Bros. Pictures
2013-02-18 11:19created La migliore offerta