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System2019-01-14 20:25changed external link to
2018-07-02 15:09Juan José Campanella as Screenplay
Jo (contribs)2017-07-08 19:10alias Underdogs
alias The Unbeatables
System2016-06-29 20:14alias Foosball
Jo (contribs)2016-01-29 11:22changed external link to
Jo (contribs)2013-10-01 16:11release date set to 2013-07-18
changed Runtime from 0 to 106
changed Status from In Production to Released
Marie-Krolock (contribs)2013-01-11 13:17Category Tischfußball
Category Football
Category Comedy
Category Animation Film
2013-01-11 13:16release date set to 2013-06-20
Language Spanish
Country Argentina
changed Status from Released to In Production
2013-01-11 13:15Juan José Campanella as Director
created Metegol