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System2020-06-10 10:38changed external link to empty
Jo (contribs)2014-04-29 23:08release date set to 2012-04-26
braenk (contribs)2012-12-08 20:33Surya Saputra as Actor
Marsha Timothy as Actor
2012-12-08 20:32Jose Gamo as Actor
Sadha Triyudha as Actor
2012-12-08 20:30Izzi Isman as Actor
2012-12-08 19:55Category Horror
2012-12-08 19:53changed Runtime from 0 to 87
Language English
Country Indonesia
2012-12-08 19:51Aridh Tritama as Actor
2012-12-08 19:50Hannah Al Rashid as Actor
Rio Dewanto as Actor
2012-12-08 19:49Joko Anwar as Director
2012-12-08 19:47created Modus Anomali