The Lady in Red


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Jo (contribs)2019-03-01 10:50changed external link to
guggenheim (contribs)2012-11-24 12:26James Horner as Original Music Composer
Daniel Lacambre as Director of Photography
2012-11-24 12:25Julie Corman as Producer
Julie Corman as Producer
Julie Corman as Producer
John Sayles as Author
Lewis Teague as Director
2012-11-24 12:24Category Lovers
Category Love
Category Gangster
Category Bank Robber
Category Bank Robbery
Category Hold-Up Robbery
Category Robber
Category Robbery
Category Chicago
Category Farm
Category Prostitution
Category Brothel
2012-11-24 12:23Category Serious
Category Romance Film
Category Drama
Category Gangster Film
Chip Fields as Actor
2012-11-24 12:22unknown cast change
Rod Gist as Actor
Nancy Parsons as Actor
2012-11-24 12:21unknown cast change
Terri Taylor as Actor
Ilene Kristen as Actor
Robert Forster as Actor
2012-11-24 12:20Jay Rasumny as Actor
Phillip R. Allen as Actor
Milt Kogan as Actor
Christopher Lloyd as Actor
2012-11-24 12:19unknown cast change
Alan Vint as Actor
2012-11-24 12:18Glenn Withrow as Actor
Laurie Heineman as Actor