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Tote lügen besser


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Jo (contribs)2020-06-30 10:06changed external link to https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q28282008
Jo (contribs)2014-10-23 15:32changed name from Das Duo: Tote lügen besser to Tote lügen besser
changed parent_id to 5836
ElmanSmithee (contribs)2012-09-04 11:34Category Northern Germany
Category Present
Category Commissar
Category Child Custody
Category Fight with Parents
Category Dispute
2012-09-04 11:33Category Drugs
Category Flat Share
Category Duo
Category Father-Daughter-Relationship
Category Autopsy
Category Murder
2012-09-04 11:32Category Babysitter
Category Charwoman
Category Serious
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Police Film
ElmanSmithee (contribs)2012-09-04 11:30Andreas Kaufmann as Actor
Nina Mohr as Actor
2012-09-04 11:29Charlotte Crome as Actor
Johanna-Christine Gehlen as Actor
Martin Brambach as Actor
Helmut Zierl as Actor
2012-09-04 11:28Antonia Gerke as Actor
Ole Puppe as Actor
Claudia Michelsen as Actor
Bernhard Piesk as Actor
2012-09-04 11:27Peter Prager as Actor
Lisa Martinek as Actor
Charlotte Schwab as Actor
2012-09-04 11:25Robert Schulte-Hemming as Original Music Composer
2012-09-04 11:24Jens Langbein as Original Music Composer
Claudia Fröhlich as Editor
Wolf Siegelmann as Director of Photography
Melanie Brügel as Screenplay
Johannes Grieser as Director
2012-09-04 11:23Sven Burgemeister as Producer