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Hendrik (contribs)2012-08-25 23:24Juan Fernández as Actor
2012-08-25 23:23Toni Sevilla as Actor
2012-08-25 23:22Juli Mira as Actor
Julieta Serrano as Actor
Susi Sánchez as Actor
Carmen Elías as Actor
2012-08-25 23:21Rosa Maria Harto as Editor
2012-08-25 23:20Javier Quintanilla as Director of Photography
Alejandro Román as Original Music
2012-08-25 23:19Jaime López Amor as Producer
Jordi Rediu as Executive Producer
Norbert Llaràs as Executive Producer
2012-08-25 23:18Xavier Crespo as Executive Producer
Juan Carlos Claver as Executive Producer
Juan Carlos Claver as Screenplay
2012-08-25 23:17Juan Carlos Claver as Director
2012-08-25 23:16Category Asylum
Category Electroshock
2012-08-25 23:15Category Franco Regime
Category Spain
Category Spanish
Category Lesbian
Category Teacher
2012-08-25 23:14alias A Love to Keep
Category Drama
2012-08-25 23:13changed Runtime from 0 to 98
release date set to 2006-03-19
Language Spanish
Country Spain
2012-08-25 23:12created Electroshock