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The Inn on the River

Das Gasthaus an der Themse

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Jo (contribs)2019-07-09 22:00Gertrud Prey from Nurse to Krankenschwester
System2019-01-12 01:32changed external link to
Speedy-666- (contribs)2017-07-07 05:35changed trailer to
System2017-06-19 10:09alias The Inn on the River
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
ElmanSmithee (contribs)2011-12-06 17:12Category 1960s
Category Kidnap victim
Category Kidnapping
Category False Allegation
Category Suspicion
2011-12-06 17:11Category Guesthouse
Category Themse
Category Investigation
Category Inspector
Category Victim of Murder
2011-12-06 17:10Category Diving
Category Diving Suit
Category Suspenseful
Anonymous BhmzcWTM8ns 1uOmgWyDEhQ2010-01-05 23:44created abstract
no comment entered
Peter (contribs)2009-10-12 10:34Category Pub
deleted category
denis (contribs)2008-02-04 12:57Category Chick Flick
Category Guy Movie
denis (contribs)2008-01-27 17:52changed parent_id to 1664
Peter (contribs)2008-01-17 10:07deleted category
Category Harpoon
Category Shark
2008-01-17 10:06deleted category
Category London
deleted category
Category Edgar Wallace
Peter (contribs)2008-01-16 10:02Ellen Schmidt as Art Direction
Mathias Matthies as Art Direction
2008-01-16 10:01Carl Otto Bartning as Editor
Karl Löb as Director of Photography
Martin Böttcher as Original Music Composer
Martin Böttcher as Original Music Composer
2008-01-16 10:00Horst Wendlandt as Producer
Joachim Wolff as Actor
Alfred Vohrer as Actor