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Das Geheimnis des Golem


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Peter (contribs)2008-01-08 21:20Traute Höss as Actor
Albert Kitzl as Actor
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2008-01-08 21:19Chiem van Houweninge as Actor
Dennise Virieux as Actor
2008-01-08 21:18Nikolaus Paryla as Actor
2008-01-08 21:17Nikolaus Paryla as Actor
Julian Weigend as Actor
2008-01-08 21:15Otto Tausig as Actor
2008-01-08 21:14Nikolaus Paryla as Actor
Martin Feifel as Actor
2008-01-08 21:13Nina Kunzendorf as Actor
Götz George as Actor
2008-01-08 21:12Ernst Reimann as Stunts
Frank Polosek as Set Designer
Anja Dihrberg as Casting Associate
2008-01-08 21:11Johann Feindt as Director of Photography
Andreas Hoge as Original Music Composer
2008-01-08 21:10Mario Giordano as Screenplay
Andreas Kleinert as First Assistant Director
2008-01-08 20:29Category Family Film
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Category Crime
Category Drama
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Language German
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