Kokkuri-san: Gekijô-ban

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Veröffentlicht am 2011-12-21
90 Minuten
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A man out walking in some woods discovers human bones and it is found to be that of a young boy with a drawn ouija board on a piece of paper close by. Young schoolgirl Eri Ohshima is woken up at 3am to find her mother sitting in the lounge with a blank expression on her face. She’s been acting strange ever since watching a news report on the discovery of the bones in the woods.

When Eri wakes up the next day her mother is dead with her eyes and mouth looking like it’s been burnt. After the funeral, Eri finds a book in her house which contains an envelope. Inside the envelope is a slightly blurred photo of a young boy lying face down with a pained look. She seeks help in finding out who he is. Her classmates at school are dabbling with ouija boards and calling for the spirit of Kokkuri-san. She gets information that the young boy was bullied by his classmates because he believed in Kokkuri-san and that a female classmate pushed him over a steep wall where he was injured. He stumbled into the woods but died. Now with his bones disturbed, the boy’s vengeful spirit places a curse on those who seek more information resulting in a horrible death. Eri’s first companion in her quest dies in mysterious circumstances so her teacher takes up the baton. They decide that the only way to end the curse is to go back to where his bones were found in the woods and try and make contact with him via a ouija board. But will this be successful or only make his spirit more angry?

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