Sehnsucht nach Rimini


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Peter (contribs)2007-12-30 17:33Antonio di Mauro as Actor
Dieter Schaad as Actor
Ron Williams as Actor
2007-12-30 17:32Thomas Rudnik as Actor
Andreas Wellano as Actor
2007-12-30 17:31Regine Vergeen as Actor
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2007-12-30 17:30Juraj Kukura as Actor
2007-12-30 17:29Timothy Peach as Actor
Rebecca Immanuel as Actor
Nicole Heesters as Actor
2007-12-30 17:28Ingrid Benzuk as Costumer
Carolyn Haag as Editor
2007-12-30 17:27Meinolf Schmitz as Director of Photography
Robert Schulte-Hemming as Music
Jens Langbein as Music
2007-12-30 17:26Christa Gerlach as Producer
Peter Rippl as Screenplay
2007-12-30 17:25Gabriele Kreis as Screenplay
Siegmar Jeromin as Screenplay
Dietmar Klein as Director
2007-12-30 17:24Category Family Film
Category Film Produced For TV
Category Comedy
changed Runtime from 0 to 89
release date set to 2007-05-11
Language German
Country Germany
Peter (contribs)2007-12-30 16:43created Sehnsucht nach Rimini