Der Haustyrann


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denis (contribs)2008-01-07 12:20Company Euphono-Film GmbH
Peter (contribs)2007-12-23 04:56Eva Sommer as Actor
2007-12-23 04:55Ernst Albert Schaach as Actor
Lotte Rausch as Actor
Ilse Pütz as Actor
2007-12-23 04:54Rudolf Koch-Riehl as Actor
Paul Hildebrandt as Actor
Günther Brackmann as Actor
2007-12-23 04:53Carsta Löck as Actor
Günther Lüders as Actor
2007-12-23 04:52Phil Jutzi as Producer
Phil Jutzi as Editor
Hugo von Kaweczynski as Director of Photography
2007-12-23 04:51Erich Walden as Original Music Composer
Erich Palme as Screenplay
Ludwig Metzger as Screenplay
2007-12-23 04:50Phil Jutzi as Director
2007-12-23 04:47Category Black And White Film
Category Short
Category Family Film
Category Comedy
2007-12-23 04:46changed Runtime from 0 to 25
release date set to 1938-01-01
Language German
Country Germany
changed name from The Kite Runner to Der Haustyrann
Anonymous W8fE20ZlcTY ICfEQCePYuQ2007-12-22 21:34created article Der Haustyrann
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created Der Haustyrann