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Mimuschka (contribs)2012-02-13 19:57Category Kampfroboter
Category Fantasy
Mimuschka (contribs)2012-02-13 01:05Category Mutant
Category Television
Category Stereo
Category Serious
Category Smart
Category Offbeat
Category Surrealism
2012-02-13 01:01Category Unknown Planet
2012-02-13 00:56Georges Wilson as Actor
2012-02-13 00:55Catherine Chevallier as Actor
Pierre-Marie Escourrou as Actor
2012-02-13 00:54Michel Noll as Associate Producer
Leon Zuratas as Executive Producer
Henri Rollin as Producer
2012-02-13 00:53Jean-Claude Delayre as Producer
Christine Pansu as Editor
2012-02-13 00:52Gabriel Yared as Original Music
unknown cast change
Mimuschka (contribs)2011-12-10 11:42Category Utopia
Category Space Invasion
Category Genetic Engineering
2011-12-10 11:41Category Time Travel
2011-12-10 11:40Category Literature
Category Classical Animation
Category Science Fiction
2011-12-10 11:35unknown cast change
2011-12-10 11:34Jean-Pierre Andrevon as Novel
René Laloux as Adaptation
2011-12-10 11:33René Laloux as Director
changed Runtime from 0 to 83
release date set to 1988-03-02
Language French
Country France
Company Films A2
2011-12-10 11:31created Gandahar