Into a Dream

Yume no naka e

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System2019-06-08 14:09alias Into a Dream
Jo (contribs)changed external link to
guggenheim (contribs)2011-11-17 14:57Nahana as Actor
Asami Usuda as Actor
Toru Tezuka as Actor
Rena Komine as Actor
Yôichi Nukumizu as Actor
2011-11-17 14:56Akaji Maro as Actor
Ryô Iwamatsu as Actor
Miwako Ichikawa as Actor
unknown cast change
Yûna Natsuo as Actor
Jun Murakami as Actor
Tetsushi Tanaka as Actor
Takeshi Suzuki as Producer
2011-11-17 14:55Hirotaka Asano as Producer
Hiro'o Yanagida as Director of Photography
Shion Sono as Director
Shion Sono as Screenplay
2011-11-17 14:54Category Disease
Category Confidence
Category Terrorist
Category Hometown
Category Home
Category Dream world
Category Dream
Category Fantasy World
Category Loss of Sense of Reality
Category Reality
2011-11-17 14:53Category Funny
Category Offbeat
Category Amateur Movie
Category Comedy
Category Drama
2011-11-17 14:49changed Runtime from 0 to 103
release date set to 2005-06-11
Language Japanese
Country Japan
2011-11-17 14:48created Yume no naka e