Los miserables


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Jo (contribs)2014-02-21 02:04Category Film Produced For TV
Anonymous X6/CjDjrW40 aDYqGAuKC3g2011-09-14 09:45Category Misery
2011-09-14 09:44Category Literature
Category Historical Film
Category Justice Drama
Category Drama
Anonymous Wjl28Zc6ruB aw117z2yHZQ2011-09-11 10:30Category Barricade
Category Barrikaden
Category Exploitation
Category Ex-Detainee
Category Convict
Category Falsely Accused Person
Category Foster Child
Category Promise
2011-09-11 10:29Category Motherly Love
Anonymous uQaAPjx55Fe xWU041geqjg2011-09-05 13:43Andrea Cotto as Actor
Alejandro Ciangherotti as Actor
Ángel Garasa as Actor
2011-09-05 13:42Fernando Soler as Actor
Edith González as Actor
2011-09-05 13:41Luis Torner as Actor
María Rojo as Actor
Carlos Ancira as Actor
Magda Guzmán as Actor
2011-09-05 13:40Diana Bracho as Actor
Blanca Sánchez as Actor
Antonio Passy as Actor
Sergio Bustamante as Actor
2011-09-05 13:39Victor Hugo as Novel
Edmundo Báez as Screenplay
Antulio Jiménez Pons as Director
2011-09-05 13:38release date set to 1974-02-21
Language Spanish
Country Mexico
changed name from Les misérables to Los miserables
Anonymous +fY5e7Jy/kx wseCovXt5Yg2011-09-05 12:42created Los miserables