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a_krueger (contribs)2011-10-04 14:42Category Desire for Freedom
2011-10-04 14:41Category Equality
2011-10-04 14:40Category Queer
Category 1960s
2011-10-04 14:39Category Autobiography
2011-10-04 09:02Category Sexy
Category Touching
Marie-Krolock (contribs)2011-09-29 21:01Ana Padrao as Actor
2011-09-29 21:00Arly Jover as Actor
Rossy de Palma as Actor
Thierry Lhermitte as Actor
2011-09-29 20:59Marisa Paredes as Actor
Marisa Berenson as Actor
Eduardo Noriega as Actor
Marie Kremer as Actor
2011-09-29 20:58Lou Doillon as Actor
Category Prostitute
Category Red-Light Disctrict
2011-09-29 20:57Category Prostitution
2011-09-29 14:30Category Femme Fatale
Category Paris
2011-09-29 14:29changed Budget to 14000000
changed Runtime from 0 to 102
release date set to 2010-05-15
Anonymous OYr9fMiF5MQ KQaANxA1d5Q2011-07-04 14:57Laure Charpentier as Director
2011-07-04 14:54Category Lesbian
Category Cabaret
Category Nightclub
2011-07-04 14:53Category 1963
Category Pigalle
Category Queer Film
Category Drama
release date set to 2010-01-01
Language French
Country France
2011-07-04 14:52created Gigola