The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜, Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~


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RobZombie (contribs)2011-05-22 20:02Category Steal one's soul
2011-05-22 20:01Category Soul
Category Origin
Category Identity Crisis
Category Identity
Category Self-Discovery
Category Visions
2011-05-22 20:00Category Funny
Category Disturbing
Category Sad
Category Romantic
Category Sexy
Category Rough
Category Feel-good
Category Offbeat
Category Serious
Category Anime
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2011-05-22 16:04release date set to 2001-01-01
release date set to 2001-01-01
2011-05-22 16:03created The Soul Taker 〜魂狩〜, Za Sōru Teikā ~Tamashii Gari~